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  1. List of know bugs
  2. [BUG REPORT] Can't click on first tutorial quest
  3. Gargoyle Boss
  4. Follower picture
  5. Neck filter in Market finds Rings
  6. Vampiric Weapons
  7. Quest timer ( when going there )
  8. Level up bug
  9. Getting troubles at the REGISTER screen?
  10. Gifted objects
  11. Missing exp after quest
  12. Friend can't play game!!! *sadface*
  13. Reported VIT lost greater then actual VIT
  14. My fight is never ending
  15. Small mistake when accepting gift
  16. there was an error registering user
  17. Melee/Ranged Bug
  18. Add follower to squad button disabled when removing follower from squad
  19. Remining
  20. Ajax error in the middle of an almost won battle results in quest failed
  21. Jewelery Diamonds only price?
  22. Extra squad slot after losing GM
  23. Quick Learning Skill
  24. Quest timer ( when going/Coming back )
  25. Promotion Button
  26. Guild Master special promotion not correctly managed
  27. I bought a steed and I can not mount
  28. I can't see wall to wall posts.
  29. Language Mistakes - Report for typographical, ortographic or grammar errors
  30. Drain on weapon not working
  31. cleric spells line
  32. Fighter Riding skill
  33. Priest Aura of Physical Protection Skill
  34. Server runtime error
  35. Cannot access the game after an update?
  36. Tough Achievement bug
  37. Can't Leave My party
  38. Lethal Achievement Bug
  39. Graphics errors?
  40. unable to access the game app
  41. The Magician of the Caves
  42. Run time error when logging into the game other friends say they can log on np
  43. size bug party ... lol
  44. Scrolling issues
  45. Skill Shepherd and description in bonuses screen
  46. Squad Size Inconsistent
  47. Fail patch
  48. Fireball
  49. my life was stolen, yesterday when i was sleeping, where will be my carro.. errr life
  50. Failed quest in one hit with no damage to us
  51. bonuses
  52. Paralyze
  53. In Battle Timer
  54. Battlecry
  55. Group chat
  56. I reset my points and lost all my power
  57. Stuck On A Quest
  58. Force Field
  59. Party Chat
  60. Revive Skill Broken
  61. Bug in the VIT shield after a stats reset in the Town Hall
  62. burst skill
  63. Blessing is no working now
  64. Stuck In An Ambush?
  65. Mass Healing Broken
  66. The bonuses in my party screen it's not correct
  67. Minor Bugs
  68. Healing and Mana potions
  69. impossible to launch quests when using Safari
  70. I can take potions if I'm dead
  71. The skill it's not show in the battle screen
  72. cant play. help
  73. "There were errors on the servers".
  74. IE 10 issues
  75. Silly me. I need to use the weapons not throw them :)
  76. Stuck in the tutorial and unable to play :(
  77. Drain life spell not working
  78. The party failed to complete the quest The Terror of the Monimbi Jungle hard
  79. Outgrowing a Shell at difficulty hard
  80. A Pound of Flesh at difficulty hard
  81. Platinum Double Chain Mail (Defense +112) offside of characters body ~
  82. The party failed to complete the quest A Case for Vengeance at difficulty medium.
  83. Temple
  84. Can't play. Getting "There were errors." message everywhere
  85. Aimed Shot not working?
  86. Skill Point Generation
  87. Recruit links are broken
  88. No Profile
  89. I can't log in to game
  90. Chain Lightning skill
  91. No Loot, No Gold, No xp
  92. My Force Field skill is not working
  93. Tutorial bug
  94. Monsters Beating Themselves Up
  95. Take potions on the figth
  96. Two or More Heads are Better than One
  97. Quest "Not Dead Yet" automatically fails at every level
  98. Special Promotions.
  99. Problem with Whole Line
  100. Skill level too high.
  101. Failing
  102. I ain't got no skills.
  103. Traveling War Band fake fail.
  104. Pound of Flesh - Fails on 1st turn
  105. Quest that "Defeat"
  106. Potions
  107. Monster's Skills
  108. Facebook Credits
  109. Combat Log
  110. False Fails
  111. Bugged Quests Causing Forced fails [v050]
  112. Bugged Quests Causing Forced fails [v051]
  113. Fire vs ice
  114. Links
  115. Magic Bonus for Bows and Staffs
  116. Deflect did extra damage to me!
  117. Chain Lightning
  118. Petrified
  119. Sp Gen.
  120. Good, Bad, and The Ugly
  121. Crit Shot
  122. Research
  123. Turns are screwed up
  124. combat logs gone wrong!
  125. Loop
  126. quest error
  127. transfering followers
  128. follower exp
  129. Cannot Give Special Promotions
  130. Stealing Premium Items.
  131. Cannot Upgrade Skill Levels
  132. A few things
  133. skill upgrade
  134. Damage reduction
  135. Change of Guild
  136. chat bug
  137. i cant promote
  138. New Recruits [FIXED]
  139. Walls have been fixed
  140. failed quest [Mass Healing bug FIXED]
  141. Free Diamonds offer not working
  142. Magician of the Caves Medium
  143. Quest fail on Petrified
  144. Stalling on the way to a quest