View Full Version : Update 1.01.045 - Monsters got their skills!

April 1st, 2013, 06:27
Hello testers! While you have been enjoying your Easter holidays (or Holy Week as we call it at Spain), monsters in Guild Masters have been taking advantage of the breathing to train and upgrade their skills! So beware, they are now more dangerous!

In addition, we have bring out all the changes on the combat system that we have been working for the last month. With this, we reached a new step for the balance and for a funniest and fairest combats.

Hope you enjoy these changes. Now we will focus on a wide adjustment on skills (both monsters and players) and we won't take too much to activate ambushes.

Please provide feedback about player's skills, quest combats and monster's skills.

This update have been deployed on Monday, April 1st (http://otherwind.com/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=32&day=2013-4-1&c=1):

Release Notes

Monsters' Skills has been activated. They will need further balance so feedback will be appreciated.

Combat System has been modified. There have been changes on the hit chance and damage dealt.

Overwhelmed Bonus has been removed. Instead, target's Defense is now weightedly divided by every attaking opponent.

Defense Action has been differentiated for Guilds: Parry (fighters), Defend (priests), Dodge (scouts) and Deflect (wizards). They will increase Defense score and will add some damage reduction, depending on the Guild, and it's based on different attributes, depending on the Guild.

Scout's Dodge skill has been renamed to Lightning Reflexes to avoid confussions with the new Dodge (defend) action.

New Quest images: From the Depths Beneath, Just Desserts and Forlorn Hope.

New Items images: Round Shield Metal, Kite Shield Wood, Kite Shield Metal, Disc Armor, Shepperd's Crook.