View Full Version : The game launch is coming!

Guild Masters
December 23rd, 2014, 18:38
We are getting ready for the game launch, and first we need to clean the Guilds and make an early pre-launch on these holidays. The long time announced GAME RESET is going to happen this week!

Tomorrow day 24th or 25th we will turn off the servers. We will take one day or two to upload latest changes, clean data base and get ready the servers for a first pre-launch.

The objective of this pre-launch is set the basis of the Guilds community, with a new start, while we gather enough data in a clean environment, to evaluate our game's financial viability in order to get needed investors to make the global big launch which we are ready to perform very soon.

If you purchased diamonds in Guild Masters, do not worry as we will return to the players every diamond purchased during our beta testing.

We apologize for the lack of information last months; we have been really busy developing the game at the same time that we have been looking for external incomes to keep servers and project development, and we regret to have been apart from the forums and the community, but we promise this will change as soon as we run enough funds. We don't forget our compromise to stay near the community to build our games together!

Guild Masters
December 30th, 2014, 16:45
Everything is ready. Tomorrow we will turn on servers again. Be ready!