View Full Version : Cloning and Multi-Accounting

Guild Masters
December 18th, 2012, 12:20
We will make our best to fight against cheating and any sort of abuse in the game. However, at this stage of testing we are focusing our resources to to the development, and pursuing cheating is not our main objective at this time. Anyway, we are collecting data and studying the best ways to detect and avoid cheating. When we end this beta-testing stage –surely we will make a reset,– and launch the full game, we will put them into practice and will assign resources to stop cheating.

Regarding to cloning and multi-accounting, players log in into the game through Facebook Authentication, and Facebook give not too much information to us about users, so in most cases it's not possible to unequivocally determine cloning or multi-accounting. However, we will investigate every report and, if it results in a unequivocal case of cheating, we won't hesitate to ban those accounts –bans will also involve dropping the characters from their masters and parties. In those cases that we cannot determine multi-accounting, we must trust that Facebook will do it well and will deactivate fake accounts, as this is their responsibility. Every account deactivated by Facebook will be removed from the game after a reasonable time.

The best way for players to help fighting against cheating is to reporting every abuse in this sub-forum.