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Tuning ROADMAP for Balance
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Thread: Tuning ROADMAP for Balance

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    Tuning ROADMAP for Balance

    We are wondered and really glad with the last wave of constructive participation on these forums lately. We agree most of your thoughts and we heard carefully every suggestion as we want to build this game for the players, but for the whole community and not for only for a few ones.

    However, we are concerned about many testers send feedback as if it was a complete game, and not a beta demo still in development. We understand that they may only talk about what they are experiencing, so to avoid unnecessary worries we want to share our plans with the community. Also this road-map will help testers to focus in the gameplay currently being reviewed and avoid frustrations about features which will be obsolete soon.

    Well, this is the road-map which will lead our adjustments to get the final balance. As you know, a adjustment will affect to other areas of the game, so for not to walk in circles, this road-map will be follow in strict order and every step will be actually definitive. If we eventually step back and make a change in a point already checked, we would have to re-review again every point below.

    We will edit this post and will keep it alive to show our progress and we will also try to write our plans ahead in the road-map in future points, so everybody may have them in sight. Each individual point will be discussed at the proper time on individual threads.


    First at all, we must set the bonus from passive skills and bonus got from equipment and mounts.
    We are not planning further changes here, but any eventual modification to these, will force us to review again every point below by strict order.

    The last modification in this area will be uploaded with the next incoming update: magic items giving bonus to skills (cries, prayers and skills) will be non-cumulative: if several items of this kind are equipped, only the highest bonus will be given.

    2- SQUADS - Done!

    The tax for the contribution to the size (level) and stats (ATT, DEF, VIT and ENE) from followers in squad, currently 10%, will be reviewed. We are planning set it to 20%.

    3- COMBAT - Done!

    Overwhelmed bonus:

    Overwhelmed penalty: when characters receive multiple attacks, their defense is divided weightly among to every received attack. For instance, if a player with def 100 receives two attacks, the first one with ATT 150 and the second one with ATT 50, the first attack will face a def 75 and the second one will face a def 25.

    Hit and Damage calculations:

    These calculations should be reviewed after any change made to the overwhelmed bonus.


    Undeads will be immune to certain skills (drain life, paralysis, disease, poison, taunt, war cry...).
    In the other hand, priests with sacred weapons will inflict double damage to undeads. Sacred weapons are those with magic (sacred) damage only equippable by priests (holy symbol, ceremonial mace, aspergillum, etc).

    Active Skills

    Active skills will be roughly balanced facing to the ambushes.

    4- AMBUSHES - Done!

    Ambushes will provide a nice feedback to review the points said above, and eventually take a step-back and reset some adjustments.
    This stage will be used to make a fine adjustment on the active skills, and set them to their final version. We will look for a balance for skills under 20 or 30 levels.

    5- ACTIVE SKILLS - Hold (Need more feedback from ambushes)

    At this point, we should have balanced all skills at SL 20-30 or below. We are going to make skills improvable; at certain skill levels (20-30) players will have the chance to improve or enhance their skill and will increase the skill effect. For instance, if we have Power Missile I giving +5 ATT/SL, it could be improved to Power Missile II giving + 10 ATT/SL.
    At this stage we will balance also these enhanced skills.

    6- QUESTS - Currently working here

    Once all combat scores, bonuses and skills are balanced, we will balance the quests:
    • Distance to the quest combats (already shortened).
    • Monsters stats and skills.
    • Experience received from quests.
    • Gold and loot.

    XP reduction for repeating quests has been removed here. Instead, we deployed a new system here to avoid repeating quests. When you complete successfully a quest, the quest will be temporary unavailable. There will be a respawning time for the quest. During this time, monsters wll regain their health and energy, and this time will be higher the higher is your size against the quest's size. This time will be not be significant for your first times completing a given quest.


    Experience needed to level up will be definitely set here (we don't plan any changes here, but will review it one more time before final launch).


    The blacksmith will have the final review:
    • Offers
    • Prices

    9- TEMPLE

    Also the Temple will receive a last review:
    • Healing costs
    • Potion and scrolls prices

    Here we are going to gift a free healing and a free energy recovering per day.


    We are leaving the social aspects of the game aside of this road-map, as they me be reviewed in a parallel thread, and we won't plan big changes there, besides the incoming features announced on the thread Incoming Features. which won't affect to the balance pursued here.

    Once all this adjustments will be done and the game is finally balanced, we will finish the beta-testing, will make a world reset and will launch the game!
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    Undeads will be inmune to certain skills (drain life, paralysis, disease, poison, taunt, war cry...).
    In the other hand, priests with sacred weapons will inflict double damage to undeads. Sacred weapons are those with magic (sacred) damage only equippable by priests (holy symbol, ceremonial mace, aspergillum, etc).

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