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Thread: I Need Figther followers

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    I Need Figther followers


    I am lvl 41 fighter and currently number #12 in the fighters guild.
    I am looking for 2 new followers, if you are interested find me ingame.

    my name is Veelicus

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    Hello Veelicus. It would help people to find you more easily if you set your Guild Masters Profile Link at your forum profile. It can be set by editing your forum profile at You may find the url to your guild masters profile at the upper side on it. Just copy it and paste it at the field "Guild Masters Profile Link" on your forum profile, and write Veelicus at the field "Guild Masters Nickname". This way, on every post you made on the forums, at your info (at the left side of these lines) you will find an hiperlink to your game profile. This url is something like where 12345 is your game ID.

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