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Shouts in the message board
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Thread: Shouts in the message board

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    Shouts in the message board

    Please give us a way to turn these off. They slow my computer down considerably.

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    Shouts do not slow down significantly. I noticed that Facebook is having issues today (the whole Facebook, not the game in Facebook, not our fault), maybe it is affecting you too.

    Try playing out of the facebook frame to avoid their problems. Use our local URL: https://www.guildmasters.com
    but make sure you are previously logged into Facebook and you have session initiated with our game within Facebook, or you will be re-directed within facebook domain again.
    Once you have started your session in the game with your facebook login, you can get out of the Facebook frame using our local URL www.guildmasters.com

    Going out the Facebook frame will always get better performance, however it will break a bit the working of the web. Paging in tables (log, ranking, quests...) will jump the page at the top again, so you'll have to scroll down again every page you change.

    My advice at the current state of development, is keeping inside facebook frame, unless Facebook be slown down like this moment, then you'd better jump out of the facebook frame. At least at the current state of development.

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