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Thread: World Bosses

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    Wink World Bosses

    I fell a nice addition to the game would be a boss maybe once a week that everyone can attack at the same time. It drops rare items and gives exp/money as to how much you helped beat the boss for example.

    i just feel this will be good for a game that is a social RPG when everyone can do a big quest together.

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    Wouldn't work. Not enough players that are strong enough and have enough followers to do well. If the game was more popular and had over 10,000 players that are consistently online, it might not turn out well. At this rate, the actives players, most likely the Guild masters would either be forced to pay to get around CD and it would turn into a mess like other games. I don't think the game developers want to see 4-6 players doing the work of 1000 by paying diamonds to keep attacking.

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