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having problems with promotion button
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Thread: having problems with promotion button

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    Post having problems with promotion button

    my promotion button keeps going promote to demote and i have enough power to do the promotion the button goes from soldier to officer off and on can someone help me asap?

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    Exclamation my promotion button is malfuntctioning i lost my level 37 promotion

    i have lost my level 37 promotion because my promote button changes from soldier to officer back and forth when the rank origanally to officer i am level 37 but no promotion its frustrating this is not the first time i dealt with this forum last time it was a misclick with my steed and got it back thanks to Alex

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    I did not understand what is the problem. But I can guess it. If your power drops below 200, that is the minimum power to keep your title secure. Below 200, you can demote yourself voluntary, or the Guild Masters can demote you with the special power for Guild Masters. Below 200, the button will be enabled, with the text "Demote". If you demote, you will be downgraded to Soldier again (losing 80 base points for the lower rank), and will need to regain to 120 power or more to promote again to soldier.

    If you are officer, you need level 50 and power 340 to enable your button with text "Promote" for the next promotion.

    While you are officer, with power between 200 and 340, your button is disabled, with text "Promotions" and if you mouse-over it, you will get info of the requisites for your next promotion, and the power needed for keep your rank secure (GM cannot demote you).

    If the behavior of your button is not what described here, please let me know details and if possible, provide some screenshots.


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