As you know, you may only follow players with a rank level strictly higher than yours. This matter has been appearing recursively in every discussion, and we want to settle he issue at once, so we can go on building the game without coming back again to the basis. Changing this base rule, would lead to a deep change in the game, so we want to ask the community about this matter.

We have also heard some quite interesting suggestions about power and ranks, but we cannot and we won't make changes on the concept of the power. It will be always be a social concept, the key for the game.

Said that, we have two options to vote, and we may not vote of a mix or any intermediate situation. If we vote for a change, we must vote for the whole pack:

A- No changes on the following requirements.

B- Allow to follow a player with the same rank level.

This last option B will have associate these consequences:

- There would be a degrade on the performance. The chain master-follower would have an undetermined length. The recursive update on the master's power (and master's master's power and so on), which is some of the bigger load of work for the servers would be increased. Furthermore the system would have to check and avoid loops on the chains master-follower with unknown length, and we would have to add lots of resources to avoid overflows, which we would never had the certainty to avoid.

- This theoretically endlessness chain could take power scores out of control. To avoid this, the power score added to the master's score would not be straight anymore. Masters would obtain just one tenth (1/10) from the followers' power, so the power would not be added to the whole chain and it will be faded along the chain in few links.

- As followers in the second level under you would give you 1/10 * 1/10 = 1/100 of their power, we guess that, generally, masters would not be so likely to send their lower followers to the higher followers, so the guild structure would be much less ordered and players would tend to accumulate inactive followers more than help active followers. This would make even more difficult to some players to get followers.

- This is a deep change on the ranks design, and they will have to be totally re-designed. Skill costs would also have to be reviewed.

- Players would not obtain XP from other players with the same rank level.

This is a deep chance for the game, so think carefully your choice. As always, voting will be anonymous, and the poll is not determinant for our final decision, though we will have it in mind seriously. Also, the higher be the participation, the most relevant will be the poll, so think carefully but finally, take your choice and vote.

Thank you very much to participate in the game building and we hope you enjoy taking part on it.