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The four major guilds of Guild Masters represent the professions or character classes available in most RPGs: the Guild of Fighters, the Guild of Scouts, the Guild of Priests and the Guild of Wizards.

At the start of the game you can choose your guild, which you enter as an apprentice. Your goal in the game is move up in the ranks of your guild by learning from your master, developing the skills of your profession, gaining experience that will enhance your character features and gathering followers to learn from you. In turn, your followers will help you develop new research skills and new spells, increase your power, and give you the political strength to move forward and climb through the ranks to become the Guild Master.

You can also adventure outside the city, and complete a series of quests for extra experience, treasure and magic items to help you in your business. You can complete quests alone or gather a adventure parties of other players. An adventuring group can have up to six members who will share the risks (and rewards) of the dangerous lands that extend beyond the city walls.

You can also pursue and ambush other groups of players while they are traveling -- to loot and steal, or just to hurt your opponents. But beware! Once you leave town can also be attacked by other groups. Choose equipment for your adventure carefully, because if you're ambushed and defeated, your equipment and some of your gold may be stolen (items not equipped will stay safe in your backpack).

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